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Sarah Moseley Trustman
"Sarah Ella Phant is the most entertaining Mnemonist the world has ever seen. This download gives you insight into how she became the leading performer in memory arts. Best of all, it's so easy, anyone can memorize pi... it's what you do with it that sets you apart from all the others."
- Dan Harlan, King of Magic

"With Sarah Ella Phant's guidance, you will not only discover that you can memorise Pi with ease - you'll have great fun doing it. Sarah can teach you how to memorise almost anything - and no-one does it better! This download will introduce you to the most delightful mnemonist the world has seen."
- Lynne Kelly, author of The Memory Code and Memory Craft

"Sarah Ella has done it again. She put her talents to use to give you an easy way to remember numbers. Her expertise and passion on this topic speaks for itself. The way we memorize is through imagination and visualization and she does the work for you with her custom art pieces that will give you the ability to recall numbers. She has found a way to bring numbers to life."
- Sal Piacente, Godfather of Gambling and Master of Memory

mNumbers: Easy as Pi is the latest comprehensive work by world-renowned mnemonist Sarah Ella Phant. In this remarkable ebook, you'll learn two sure-fire methods to memorize numbers! It's an astounding feat that's so much easier than you may suspect.

The first method is perfect for short strings of numbers (like phone numbers or serial numbers on a bill) and can be understood and applied in five short minutes of study. You'll see the technique applied to Pi and be amazed at how easy it is to recall. As powerful as the first method is, the best is yet to come!

The second (and most powerful) method uses a combination of highly-effective techniques to translate numbers into unforgettable images that not only tell you the digits of Pi in order, but also PRECISELY WHERE IN THE STRING EACH DIGIT OCCURS! In other words, you will know Pi forwards and backwards AND what the 32nd digit of Pi is, or the 14th, or the 99th, or any digit called for. And Sarah Ella goes further than that by providing you with her beautiful, full-color, original artwork filled with strong imagery and action you will never forget! Each scene instantly encodes all the information you need, so you'll find memorizing the first 100 digits of Pi unbelievably easy. In fact, it's nearly automatic!

As if that wasn't already enough, Sarah Ella has done all the work for you to enable you to memorize 500 digits if you desire! By applying her wonderful Figure Alphabet Letters, she has created characters, scenes, and stories that stick with you...and that's the whole point! Whether you just want to impress friends and family, or perform a live simulcast under pressure on social media, you want GUARANTEED SUCCESS...and this download provides it.

Plus, Sarah Ella shares multiple ingenious ways to incorporate this incredible feat into a performance so you can stand out from the pack with a truly entertaining demonstration of incredible memory. So, prepare to get your creative juices flowing as you become a Master of Memory...Easy as Pi.
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